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Five Simple Steps to Convert your Website Users to Paying Clients

1. Getting in Front of The Right People​

Regarding your website, it is necessary to have a marketing strategy to get in front of potential clients. You can have the most fantastic website in the world. But nobody is going to see it if you don’t have visitors. My favorite solutions to get your website in front of your target client are to 1. Set up paid ads. 2. Hire a digital marketer, or 3. Create content on social media.

2. Design Your Website With a Strategy​

Why do you want a website? Is it to have something nice online? Or is there a specific goal you are trying to achieve? If we are like-minded entrepreneurs, I am guessing it is the latter. As a business owner, you do not need a website. You need a solution to a problem. So making sure your website solves that problem will help you connect with your users and help you reach that goal.

3. Create a Landing Page for a Target Client

The first step to having a website has the landing page. A landing page is a specific page potential clients land on when clicking on your ad or link. This page should target a specific problem to a particular customer to increase the likelihood of that client taking that action.

4. What to Put in The Hero Section

Your website should immediately answer three questions, who are you, what can you offer the client, and where can they go to get it? These statements will usually show themselves in a Header, a subheader, and a Call to Action. Reassure your visitors that they have come to the right place and that you have the solution to their problem. Catchy headings help here. Also, make sure to focus on benefits in the copy.

5. Make Sure to Put Lots of Call To Actions

A Call to Action, or a CTA as it is called, is the words on a button urging the user to take the desired action. Some examples might include: Buy Now, Sign Up Today, or even Try For Free. The Call To Action urges users to move forward with purchasing your product or service.

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