Web design that makes your coaching business stand out as credible, professional, and irresistible

Envision a site that showcases your coaching brilliance, making you the industry’s go-to.

Not sure what to put on your website and where?

No worries, I got you 😉 use my “easy to follow” checklist so that your website can make you $$$

It's time for your website to catch up with your business

Your potential DREAM clients aren’t sure if you’re the right fit for them, because your website doesn’t reflect who you are. They crave a professional leader who is going to guide them to success. Your website needs to reflect who you really are.

Your Brand and Revenue Growth Starts Here

Let’s create a website that not only broadcasts your credibility and professionalism, but consistently attracts dream clients who want to work with you. Get ready to own your narrative!

1:1 Website Audit Call; Optimize Your Website to Make More Sales

You have a website but it’s not making you money. in this 60 minute deep dive, we create a custom guide to enhance your website messaging.

The website brand launcher; for the coach starting out

Establish a web presence and launch a brand design and web page that attracts dream clients who know you are the perfect fit for them.

The full website package; for the coach ready to scale

Let’s create a website that establishes your brand and markets your multiple offers and truly reflects the pro that you are.

Step into your spotlight & own your industry all with a branded website

  • Sell 4 figure packages that clients see real value in 
  • Craft a magnetic brand story that builds trust and resonates instantly
  • Convey your offer’s value to captivate dream clients effortlessly
  • Reveal the post-transformation magic your ideal clients experience with you
  • Nail the first impression – let your brand speak volumes
  • Transform website content into stellar social media posts seamlessly

Meet Your New Website Strategist

Hi, my name is Schneur I am an entrepreneur and Web Designer with a goal to make your coaching business shine with a strong online presence.

I empower coaches and consultants so that their business can make waves and impact on their clients.

Web design is my calling because I fell in love with the idea of taking a business with so many moving parts and turning that into a tangible product.

Featured Projects

What I did for others… and what I can do for you!

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“I was genuinely blown away by the entire experience”

For 6 years I had a website that had no traffic, it didn’t look good, it never converted clients, and was straight up not working for me. I hired Schneur Smith to design, create, and set up a website for me and I was genuinely blown away by the entire experience.

From the start, Schneur is professional and personable as he takes you through discovering your brand history, and he goes into the details of what makes your brand exceptional. He then brings the very essence of what your brand is all about to life on your website. He does phenomenal work, but don’t take my word for it, check out my site! 🙂 I truly cannot recommend him enough.

If you want a website that:
A. Attracts viewers.
B. Retains viewers.
C. Actually converts.

Then you’re going to work with Schneur Smith!

Have Your Website Set Up For Your Success

Get on a free call so we can get your website designed to represent your offer in a clear and concise format that boost your revenue. 

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