Web Design for an Award Winning
Video Production Agency

X Production Co is a video production company that creates beautiful Videos That Represents Your Brand. The Founder and I worked side by side to build a custom WordPress website in just 4 weeks.

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The Problem

X Production Co (originally known as wingmen prod) is a top-tier video agency that creates beautiful videos for high-quality brands. However, their website did not accurately reflect the level of quality and professionalism that the company brings to its work. As a result, X Production Co has struggled to convert visitors into clients and has been unable to charge their full worth for their services.


The Solution

To help X Production Co convert more clients and charge fair prices, Menachem (the founder and CEO) and I worked together to build a professional custom website in just 4 weeks. This new website helped the company improve their online presence and better represent the level of quality and professionalism that they bring to their work.



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