Hey, I'm

Schneur Smith

An entrepreneur and Web Designer with a goal to make your coaching business shine with a strong online presence. I empower coaches and consultants so that their business can make waves and impact on their clients.

Web design is my calling because I fell in love with the idea of taking a business with so many moving parts and turning that into a tangible product. 

The more I started connecting with coaches, the more I discovered a gap in the market

These talented, charismatic, and influential people were great at coaching, but had no idea how to show up online and sell to an audience.

So I rolled up my sleeves and launched my web design business in hopes of taking more coaches to success.

I have built over 50 websites and have seen clients go from lost and unsure about their voice and brand to confident and clear on strategy and business direction. We don’t just work on your dream website together, we create marketing that captivates an audience and positions you as the expert coach in your industry by creating your unique presence that aligns with what your clients are seeking.

Looking forward to taking you to the other side!

Not sure what to put on your website and where?

No worries, I got you 😉 use my “easy to follow” checklist so that your website can make you $$$