Web Design Services for Coaches in New York City, NY

Turn Your Coaching Business into a Sales Machine With a Pro Site

As a web designer for coaches, I help my clients get found on Google and stand out from the competition with the design and strategy of a real pro.

Without a reliable system to attract and convert clients your business could continue to struggle with:


Finding solid leads in your business

You’re putting content out on instagram and Tiktok but
you are hearing crickets.

Feeling stuck in
your business

Unsure how to move forward with your business because you are not getting the results you want.


Attracting clients that are a good fit

Even when you do get leads, they dont value your expertise, and they always asking for discounts.


Getting burnt out
and feeling exhausted

You keep trying different hacks and tricks to get more business but nothing seems to be working.


Maintaining steady cashflow in your business

You won’t be hitting your monthly revenue goals because you don’t have a plan to get more business.

Your new website will help you

A person using web design services for coaches in New York City, NY

My 3 Step Winning Website Framework

Step 1

Ideal Client Decoding

A 60-minute workshop to discover who specifically you’re talking to via your website messaging (and how we can communicate the transformation they will experience when working with you.)

Step 2

Dream Website Creation

Your beautiful website design will strategically position your offer as the PERFECT solution and effectively communicate the value you bring to your ideal client.

Step 3

Client Attraction Strategy

Now that your website is up and running, we create a lead strategy to consistently attract new customers to your website, turning it into a sales machine.

Is this program for you?

The "Website Lead Machine For Expert Coaches" is not for everyone, it's for coaches that are:

What people are saying

Schneur is a professional. He's extremely clear with the process from beginning to end. I highly recommend him!

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How It All Started

In 2019, I went to college to earn my psychology degree. However, as I learned about cognitive dissonance and psychotherapy, I discovered that my true passion lay elsewhere.

I realized that I could help people in a different way, by creating online representations of their dream businesses. I wanted to be a web designer for coaches.

Meet Your New
Website Strategist

When I launched my first portfolio website, I was very focused on design, but not focused on strategy. I got crickets.

And it was only when started telling the story of how I provide value to my customers, as a web designer for coaches, that I was able to use my website to triple sales closings and increase lead generation in a matter of months.

Now I want to do the same for you.


Are you ready to change your coaching career forever?

It's time to take the leap and see what a coaching website design can do for your business and catapult you towards success